The Impact of Colonial Rule on the Political Relations Between Ondo and Its Neighbours, 1915-1951

Samson Adesola


This paper examines the impact of colonial rule on the political relations between Ondo and its neighbours between 1915 and 1951. The paper argues that the imposition of British colonial policy of the administration greatly affected the existence of pre-colonial peaceful political relations between Ondo and its neighbours. Before the imposition of British colonial administration on the whole Nigeria in general, and Yorubaland in particular, each Yoruba community enjoyed political independent. It was the introduction of native administration (indirect rule) by the British thus leading to the creation and imposition of Native Authority, one of the instruments of native administration over a considerable number of communities that were hitherto independent that eventually resulted in the emergence of strain in the political relations between some communities in Yorubaland in general and Ondo Division in particular. It, therefore, submits that the British centralisation of political authority over the whole of Ondo district through the use of Osemawe of Ondo, as the sole Native Authority brought an end to an interesting experiment of Native Administration in the district as a result of various agitations.


Colonial rule; Colonial policy; Political relations; Ondo; Neigbours

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