Editors and Reviewers Recruitment

Africanology is a newly started open access scholarly journal devoted to comprehensive academic research. We sincerely invite you to join us as an editorial board member and reviewer.

Status: Part time                          Working Language: English

Working style: Internet-based                Payment: Voluntary job, no payment


Editors and reviewers’ participation in peer-review process contributes to establishing and maintaining the standards of technical and professional quality of all contributions to our journal, which is key to its success and reputation.

Except for review submissions for publication, editors may help to select reviewers for articles in a specific research field, supervise the review process, and help to smooth over the differences among reviewers and authors. Reviewers’ responsibilities include providing critical comments and clear recommendations to the manuscripts.

In order to be qualified to perform the responsibility, journal editors and reviewers who meet the following requirements are highly desirable:

  1. Possess an advanced degree, have expertise and experience in the fields of research or practice in the area related to the journal’s subjects;
  2. Hold a teaching or a researcher’s position at an academic or research institution;
  3. Be fluent in professional English and be able to review articles speedily and leave accurate feedbacks;
  4. Have strong interest in the academic journal and be able to deal with editorial problems with tact.

You can find more information about us by visiting the website listed below. If you feel interested in join our editorial team, please send a copy of updated CV to as@dcthink.org.

Thank you for paying attention to us. We look forward to cooperating with you soon.